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Beatles R Us
The Dark Horse

All about that handsome dark eyed angel.


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John: "Well, for some reason, Layla luv put me in charge of this page. So without farther adu, I introduce the "Baby".

John: "George Harrison was born in Liverpool, England, just like me. He had a mother, a father, a sister, and a brother and he was the youngest, fancy that! So I'm not all clear on this, but I'll do me best and you'll still love me anywho." (clears throat) "They were a very poor family and seemed to move around alot. And so they did."

John: "George went to school like any normal kid, but he hated it. And boy do I know how he hated it. In fact, he said that school was the worst part of his life. I can see where he's coming from. He never finished school and he dropped out before he graduated. At least I finished school! Anyway, during his school life, he met Paulie McCartney." (chuckles) "I think George's mum gave Paulie some money so he could ride the bus, because he forgot it and he felt the need to be nice to George. Typical Paulie thing too, if you ask me. When ever Paulie forgot his ciggies, guess who had to share? Anyroad, That was in the book I read anyway. I don't know much bout how the two met, cause I wusn't there and I don't care."

John: "George said he was pretty much musically hopeless, but he found talent in the guitar. No really? I'm reading this from notes Layla gave me...anywho. He learned it pretty quickly and taught John Lennon...'EY!Thats me!" (clears throat) "How to play. He taught how to tune a guitar and string it too. LAYLA! You're given 'im too much credit."

"John...just finish please."

John: "Right luv."

John: "However, he wasn't really considered an important memeber of the Quarry Men. And he wusn't wither. Poor lil Babe." (chuckles) "That sounds funny coming from me. Anyblay, John, thats me, use to embarresse him and pick on him too. WHUT FUN IT WUS! Thats what they all do to the "baby" of the group."(chuckles) "I guess it is because George followed me every where. He wus so fu..."


John: (mumbles) "Fine luv. Freakin' annoying."

John: "Later, after the Quarry Men and the early stages of The Beatles, when Stu was still there, who wus a really fab mate. I mean really fab. I miss 'im. Anykay, They went to Germany, at this point George was 16. They weren't in the most wonderful part of Germany" (chuckles)" Those were the days...But they learned alot about how to rock. George was deported because he was 16 and that was too young to be hanging around the parts he wus.( giggles a bit)

John: "Stu and Astrid were the only ones to say good bye to the poor scared lad at the train station."(laughs) "He went back home and The Beatles went on without him. And we did ok...but ya know...we really did need 'im. But no worries, cause we came back and the group got back together. George..."(sighs as if he doesn't want to say this)"wus a very valuable member."

John: (tosses index card over his shoulder)" make a very long beautiful story short, The Beatles became famous, and George turned 21 during the filming of A Hard Days Night. This is when he met his furture wife Pattie Boyd. He married her in 1966 and she influenced alot of his music. But the divorced in the 1970's. He was one of the first to introduce the sitar into rock music. He was very good friends with Bob Dylan. In the book 'Down The High Way: The Life of Bob Dylan', it says that Mr. Dylan considered George one of his closest friends. They were in the Traveling Willburys later on and come out with lots of great music!" (wipes forehead)

John: "Had enough yet? Wait! One more important thing. George founded the Concert for Bangledesh. Ok, now I'm done. I know I skipped alot of important information, but I'd take too long and I want you to go to my page. If you want to learn more, go to your local library or book store. I'm sure they have alot on him! And I'm sorry if thrown biography confused you. And if it did, it's Layla's fault cause I didn't write it and she made me read it!"

Did you know George's favorite color was purple? Sweet, isn't it?

John: "Here's some pictures of the "dark eyed angel" himself." (mumbles) "I'm cuter..."

Dark eyes



Hambourg Cutie


Lookin at you

Come on baby light my fire!